Monday, February 4, 2008

Reminder: Sambingo gig Church of Our Father Tuesday: 4:30pm at SWHPL or 5:00pm in Hulls Cove

Hello Everyone-

Just a reminder:

We're playing Tuesday 2/5 at the Church of Our Father in Hull's Cove
for their Shrove Tuesday supper (translated: Mardi Gras).

Please arrive at the church by 5pm so we can get our costumes on and
practice a bit.

Some folks will be meeting at the Southwest Harbor Public Library at
4:30pm to share rides to Hull's Cove.

If you haven't been to practice for a while, ***NOT TO WORRY!!!!***

Come anyways! We've got plenty of drums, bells and tamborins.

Here's the map to the church:

See you tomorrow!

Samba Hey-

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