Friday, July 18, 2008

The World of Drums:The Magic of Rhythm is for Everyone!

Hi Sambingos-

Not necessarily samba, but definitely drums, next Tuesday evening 22 July at the Southweset Harbor Public Library:

The World of Drums:

The Magic of Rhythm is for Everyone!


Southwest Harbor Public Library

Tuesday July 22

Two, 1 ½ hr. sessions: 5:30 & 7:15


Advance sign up is required * age 4 to adult

Call 244-7065

 Barbara Gale of Rhythm Inlet



This lively presentation and hands-on program joins strangers and friends for community-style music-making, is appropriate for all sorts of groups ,age 4 and up, and it's educational and fun, too! Requiring absolutely no prior musical experience, it includes the participation of newcomers to rhythm and music, can inspire the latent musician within, or expand the possibilities of those who are musically active.


Techniques used include body percussion activities, and learning about and playing a huge and varied collection of exotic and fascinating boomers, bangers, clingers, clangers, shakers, scrapers, dingers, and dongers (a.k.a. percussion instruments!) from around the world, primarily made by indigenous artisans of natural materials.

The heartbeat is our common ground, so we all know the universal language of rhythm. Music-making is something everyday folks used to do before the age of television, but now it's been so long we've forgotten how to do it and have lost our confidence along the way. Providing quality entertainment and a positive rhythm experience for everyone, this gets us all into the groove.

Adults appreciate the multi-cultural aspects, the beautiful instruments, and permission to feel like a kid again. Children love rhythm, and respond naturally to it. Group rhythm offers creative enrichment and a healthy outlet for self-expression, while emphasizing positive social qualities we wish to foster in our children and practice ourselves: community spirit, geographical and cultural awareness, listening skills, a cooperative attitude, and respect. Relaxing while energizing, developing cognition and coordination, the benefits of the drum

circle have been well-documented in the fields of health, wellness, and the education of children. And everyone loves making loud, joyful noise!


Susan Plimpton
Children's Librarian
Southwest Harbor Public Library
Po Box 157
Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679
(207) 244-7065

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